Keena - "You call that a weapon? I've seen fairies with more impressive equipment."


Element: Ice
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Apprentice
Bio: Keena is a savage barbarian of the northlands. Her tribe worships the god of ice allowing her brutal strikes to be empowered with elemental cold.


Picture Name Type Cost Effect Quantity
ice100.png 100 Attack attack.png 1 Ice Attack for 100 Damage 3 4
ice200.png 200 Attack attack.png 2 Ice Attack for 200 Damage 3
ice500.png 500 Attack attack.png 4 Ice Attack for 500 Damage 3
icepierce.png 100 Pierce unblock.png 2 Ice Attack for 100 Unblockable Damage 3
icedefend.png 500 Defense defend.png 3 Ice Gain 500 Defense 3
icewall.png Ice Wall special.png 6 Ice Gain 1000 defense 3
freeze.png Freeze special.png 7 Ice Enemy loses 2 turns 1

Evolution Tree

Apprentice: Barbarian
Veteran: Barbarian (Veteran)
Master: Barbarian (Master)

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