Character Farming Guide

Hi there. Oversoul players often ask which characters it'd be worth it to grind-out; where, and what order they should perhaps tackle that in.

Scope of the Guide

This guide is pitched at players at the beginner-intermediate kind of level, at least at the outset. It will not cover basic game mechanics or battle strategies for the most part. However, it will include instructions to help boost your PvE kill rate, and by extension overall farming speed.

The guide's intended to be a guide to acquiring most of the strong and/or unique characters available to pure free-players - Soul Gem-requiring options may be mentioned later - but is not an exhaustive reference to filling out the Oversoul Pokedex; once you get the hang of the methods, if there's any random characters you're inclined towards, you can snag them yourself by looking through the char list.

Finally, although many of the chars here will put you on a great footing for PvP, PvP technique will not be covered. Partly because it's more fun to develop your own style yourself!


As a free player, you get a very small number of Soul Gems at the outset, 6 when you confirm the email on your account (or 6 by default if the email was confirmed already). It's not much, but it is something we can work with.

Soul Gems must be used to evolve certain characters, can be used to buy high-quality custom card packs (you won't have enough for this), but most importantly can be used to overrule the soul capture roll (obviously, always attempt it first) after defeating an enemy.

Don't use this willy-nilly!

There are some characters that have a very low encounter rate and a very low capture rate. You basically need to have a Soul Gem around to have a hope of snagging them. Some of these characters are just rare and aren't particularly useful, but several are among the best in the game and will be listed here.

If you happen to run into these while farming other characters, I highly, highly-recommend using one of your SGs to guarantee the capture if it fails (which is much more likely than not).

The Rogues' Gallery

Tyrant Moose, DragonFiend Rider Male/Female, Dean Gears, Frost Dragon, Poison Drake.

Char Breakdowns

PvE Farming Technique

General/Stating the obvious

  • Lower-level characters obviously connect kills quicker than higher-level fights, however if you need gold (and you will), your gold income vs time spent per fight is much better with higher levels if you're fighting efficiently. Lower-level chars are also a little risky for bossfights and also for areas that spam Combo Shadow characters (Nightmare Dungeon), but this shouldn't be an issue above Level 5. Try to aim for below 40 seconds/kill at ~Level 10 and aim for below 60 seconds/kill at ~20.
  • Aim to kill two or more birds with one stone - even if they're a slightly-slower farmer, it's more worthwhile to level a character you need to evolve or get to a certain PvP format level (9, 10 or 20); and aim to farm at areas which can give you multiple chars you don't have yet rather than just one possible rare.
  • As dry as the grind can get, don't put your brain on AFK and charge to 19 energy before you do anything in every fight - whether we're talking PvE or PvP. This wastes time, especially if you're grinding with Combo Shadow or Void Incarnate, characters which frequently only need 3 never mind 4 energy income per turn (AKA charging to 10/charging to 14 respectively) to dump all of their useful attacks.
  • Direct damage and combo strategies are your friend in PvE! Even though DoT strategies (Shadow or Resonance) may kill in as many turns or less than a combo character, the number and lagginess of the animations leaves them finishing fights more slowly. Every 3-hit combo attack deals a bonus 150 damage with a ~33% chance for a 50 per turn, 3 turn DoT (usually slows you down marginally if you trigger it, honestly). Every 5-hit combo attack deals a bonus 500 damage with a ~20% chance for a 1-turn stun.

How Oversoul's AI works

  • All characters will use a card(s) in their hand if they are able to.
  • If they aren't able to use a card but do have cards left in their hand, they will charge. If this is a card of another element (hybrid elemental chars like Arcane Ranger), they will start charging the energy of that element - this makes hybrid elemental characters complete pushovers, of course.
  • If they aren't able to use a card based on something like a discard cost and their AI happens to make them use all applicable cards first, they charge indefinitely.
  • If their hand is empty, they will draw cards and repeat by these rules.

Card Customization for PvE and PvE character selection

Accessed by the 'Custom Cards' button in lobby, if you weren't aware before. This allows you to assign up to 5 additional cards from your arsenal to use with your character's base deck - anything you have is simply added into the total pool for draws (Oversoul's deck mechanics are a little too simple, as far as we know anything you don't have in your hand is simply put into your deck and randomized, so you have an equivalent chance to draw any particular card).

Bear in mind, whether PvE or PvP, you're essentially diluting your base deck when you use custom cards - having 5 customs means you go from having 15 cards in deck to 20 on an ordinary character, on a char with a notably large deck (not unlike those who play them) such as Treasure Chest Trap, it'll send you from 23 cards to a whopping 28! So in brief, don't feel you need to have 5 customs at all times, use customs when they're going to increase the average value of the cards of your character's deck, and increase their consistency.

That said, now let's go over some of the customization to boost PvE kill speed and how easily-gotten they are.

  • For reference, the average * (rarity) rating of a card in a gold pack seems to be 2*. The average * rating of a card in an SG pack seems to be 4*. Note that higher-starred cards aren't necessarily the best ones, such as Ice Orb being a proud 5* rarity card despite being about as useful as a liberal arts degree; but bear in mind all of the cards which aren't element ~100, ~200, ~500, Pierce or ~500 Defend are at least 4* rarity.
  • Most Important - The Neutral 515 Attack. This is something you should snag as early as possible into your Oversoul farming. You should get this within 2 gold packs of 'Neutral Series 1', an average ballpark spend of 30,000. If you'd never noticed, every non-Neutral character starts with 4 Neutral Energy as well as 5 of their element, exactly enough for the 515. This was done to help dual element characters before they were supplemented with charge cards so the player wouldn't have to switch between two elements at once. Once you have one of these bad boys, it should be equipped at all times when using a non-Neutral character to PvE. If you're fighting below Lv 10, you can equip 2 as well to ensure you'll see it before the fight ends.
  • If you didn't get a 515 Attack from the first pack(s) but did get some 204 Attacks, equip a couple of those instead - it'll still boost your pace.
  • After this, you should mostly first think about spending your gold as you earn it on strong characters that can't be obtained otherwise, like Treasure Chest Trap. Getting good card customization with gold alone costs an extreme amount of gold for most elements. If you do want to sink gold into this, focus on your favorite element - if you don't have one, buying Shadow packs is the overall best course as this will give you Bloodrages to improve your PvE speed with Combo Shadow characters and Empowers which are a great filler card usable with any element.

Full list of good PvE deck-types and the ideal customization you should use for them.

Refresh Farming

Of course, let's not forget we don't need to fight at all to track down rare mobs! As long as your connection's not being filtered through a wet dishcloth, you can let a fight load, see whether it's the character you're hunting for and hit refresh if it's something you have already. Depending on how easy the area is to access from Solace, this'll reduce the time taken per encounter from 40 seconds or more to between 10 and 20.

However, do be wary with this as any time you spend Refresh Farming is essentially for no reward (no levels, no gold) if you don't happen to get to the rare encounter(s) you're hunting. Overall, I wouldn't recommend leaning on it too much until you've already completed a majority of your hunts, and own a decent character of every element and archetype. Of course, if you simply get bored of grinding fights for awhile but don't want to take a break from looking for the character yet, feel free to Refresh Farm for a while as a rest of sorts.

Overuse of refresh farming may cause the server to lag, but with OS's current levels of activity it probably isn't something to be too worried about.

Alright, hopefully all of that didn't seem like you were being spoon-fed what you've known for ages already. Now we've got our technique for hunting down characters and gaining levels swiftly in check, let's get to the meat of what's worthwhile to hunt, and where.

This is going to be organised by location as it's the most sensible way to group the mobs. Each relevant location will have its notable encounters listed, with some information given of the difficulty of getting them.

Can't figure out which chars to hunt, when?

Starting from the very beginning, a good route would be to:

  • Get your starter character to Level 5, or any random character you have that you like, it doesn't necessarily need to be a good one long-term.
  • Enter the Nightmare Gateway (Nightmare Dungeon) via Oblivion in the left part of Solace (spawn), and fight for a while to capture an efficient PvE char like Void Incarnate or Burn Mage.
  • Move to begin the very, very long hunt at the Southern Lakes.
  • Use the time you get tired of South Lakes encounters to hunt down strong and/or useful miscellaneous characters that aren't too inconvenient to obtain, like Clan Warrior, Pactagonal/Pactonal Knight, Engineer and Necrosis Dezgardo.
  • Once you've clocked 3 captures of Kid Drakath which is the main prize of the Southern Lakes, you can consider starting the longer hunts for top-class characters like Frost Dragon, Poison Drake and many others.

'The List' of the (roughly) 3 best characters of each element obtainable by pure free players.

Note this is a mixed grading of their PvP and PvE uses, and also doesn't take into account how difficult they are to obtain - for example, although Orc Chieftain is technically the third-best Neutral character for free players, I'd rate him quite lowly relative to the amount of effort he takes to get.

Neutral: Clan King, Shaolin Monk, Orc Chieftain.

Fire: Pyre Witch Master, Mana Guardian, Lizirra.

Ice: Frost Dragon, Dean Gears, Xmas Dark Elf (as long as she's obtainable, Snow Ninja if/when she's not).

Energy: Volt Engineer, Resonance, Max Storm.

Earth: Tyrant Moose, Treasure Chest Trap, Earth Ram (with a full suite of customization, otherwise Minotaur or Earth Elemental).

Water: Soul Wyvern, Human Fisher, Aqueous (for a defensive option, Gamma Pirate is similarly good to Aqueous).

Light: Gold Lycan, Pactagonal Knight, Maiden Aegea .

Shadow: Bandit Drakath, Necrosis Dezgardo, Void Incarnates.

Chaos: Drakath Fiend, Infected Lepid, Infected Eye.

Guide to the key of the low-budget Pokedex

Chars of note will be rated under the best location to find them specifically if they appear in multiple locations, but it will be noted when they appear in others as well.

Encounter Rate - How common it is for something they can be possessed from to appear.
(Very Low, Low, Average, High or Very High.)

Possession Rate - The rough likelihood of obtaining them after each defeat - do note that seeing as there isn't a database of the actual numerical rates, it's from my own experience and what others have said of them. As with any estimation, it's not impossible for us to have gotten very lucky or unlucky at that time.
(Very Low, Low, Average, High or Very High.)

PvE Strength - How quickly they can clear AI duels.
(Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong or Very Strong)

PvP Strength - Your mileage may vary with this, but how good their match-ups in a generic Level 10 PvP duel tend to be without a million dollar customization.
(Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong or Very Strong)

Evolution Potential - If they can evolve, whether they're worth evolving; noting if it costs Soul Gems to do so as well, do be aware that not all characters actually get stronger when they evolve although they 'should'.
(Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong or Very Strong)

As an extra clarification, when I talk about (for example) a character being 'one of the best non-rare Earth characters', I don't mean that to say they can necessarily be found quickly and/or in lots of places, I'm using that in the AQW sense of rare characters being no longer obtainable. Luckily in Oversoul the general best Neutral, Water, Ice, Energy, Light and Chaos character(s) are non-rare, and all of those but Light are obtainable without Soul Gems as well.

Nightmare Dungeon
Access - talk to Oblivion in Solace.

The Nightmare Dungeon was originally intended to be the 'final area' of Oversoul. Ironically, it's a fantastic place to start given it houses many easily-captured and powerful Veteran and Master characters.

Southern Lakes
Access - Walking to the middle of any of the obvious lakes in the South Map.

Your main goal in Southern Lakes is to hoover-up as many of the other potent rare characters while training your Drakaths. Drakath himself is not an easy character to possess, but this is compounded by the fact that ideally, long-term you need at least 2 captures (preferably 3 captures) of a Drakath - Drakath Fiend and Bandit Drakath are two of the best characters in the game, and even Prince and Kid Drakath aren't too shabby either.

When you do capture Drakath, start using Kid Drakath immediately in order to evolve him into Prince Drakath as soon as possible. This will ensure that few or no encounters with a Drakath are wasted opportunities for captures. This is because you can not possess a character you already own, but if you evolve the character it will no longer stop you.

Rocky Pass
Access - Grid References A9 and A10 on the center world map. It's the shadowed area at the edge of the map, southwest of Solace and directly west of the Undead Dungeon entrance.

Rocky Pass is an unusual unique area which offers a noticeably higher spawn rate of a few useful rare encounters compared to the other areas they spawn in.

Access - This one's a little specific - it's the nook between the small boulders slightly to the west of Solace, and the forest a little west of that.

Note that Giant Boulders - the two big rocks on centre map to the southwest of Solace - have an identical encounter table except for the inclusion of Flying Eyeball (a rare you can afford to miss honestly, although does evolve into Infected Eye, an okay Combo Chaos char) and some slightly differently-weighted encounter rates, but that might be conjecture. In my experience the Ogres spawn more frequently at Bluffs and the Hammer and Sword Nomads (rare Nomads) most frequently at Giant Boulders.

The Bluffs offer a lot of elemental diversity belied by the tiny area they cover, and can be a fantastic area to pick-up reasonable characters of the rarer elements, like Light, Energy and Chaos. They're also a vital area for completing the quest for Orc Chieftain in the long-run. However, be a little wary that unlike Nightmare Dungeon and the like, the characters here don't generally come ready to fight - most of them are Veteran or Master evolutions of an Apprentice you can recruit here.

Access - The obvious cave to the west and slight north of Solace.

Only one character who's really worth the grind here, but he's an absolute banger, albeit about as much fun as a bowl of Bran Flakes without milk.

Ice Cave (Admittedly, the backgrounds don't look very cave-y.)
Access - on North Map, ignore the first cave you see (this has a generic encounter table). Head east and explore on top of the much bigger cave replete with stalactites, glowing maw and the works.

There are several characters worth getting that reside here and may even be at a slightly higher spawnrate here than elsewhere in some cases, but I'm only going to reference the Ice Cave exclusives in this list as the hunt at Eastern Thicket; when you choose to embark upon it, is way longer than this one unless you attempt to capture Frost Dragon without a Soul Gem backup (which is masochistic).

Sleepywolf Inn
Access - click the Inn door in Solace (you can also use /join sleepywolf in the chatbox).

There are absolutely loads of encounters possible here, mostly of all of the generic characters like the starters, the nomads and the guard-type characters (Pikeman, Merc Recruit etc). However, there are two useful characters in particular who spawn here far more regularly than they seem to in other places.

Dirt Road
Access - This one's a little hard to describe, so I recommend checking the Wiki page. The castle to the far east of Solace on the centre map has a path leading to it, and a wider road leading off that. You want not the widest part of that road but the part where it's between the two treelines.

The Dirt Road's a serendipitous little place - although it doesn't have any technical 'rares', it's a good spot to hunt two characters which're otherwise pretty obscure, but are very useful as a free player - most notably the Clan King, who even without a pricy card customization is either the first, second or third-best overall free (and is probably still top 3 or 5 even including Soul Gem picks) character in the entire game.

Eastern Town
Access - as the name implies, go to the East Map and then keep heading directly east to stand on top of the small settlement in that map.

This should be a nice brief area to cross off your list, but it's definitely not one to skip-over. There's one exclusive character here who, as well as being one of the few decent characters of his element available completely for free, is almost objectively the best of his entire element. He's a powerhouse both in PvE and in PvP in either level format, although he's just as frequently banned in the latter with some good reason.

Undead Dungeon
Access - exploring on top of the skull-covered castle south of Solace will take you into the dungeon.

This area in particular is absolutely saturated in Shadow characters who are all decent enough that I should give them their own 'dex entry', but in honesty they're almost entirely identical to one another - we're only talking some having 2 less or more 200 Attacks, for example.

So basically, objectively they're worth having, but unless you're a completionist (or you just have a thing for skeletons) I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to acquire the lot.

Bottomless Pit
Access - the giant, er, hole in the ground on the east map.

Another 'one-and-done' location, quite fitting considering its epithet. Be warned though that this can be a pretty frustrating location to hunt in, the encounters are very repetitive and while in Cave you were only really looking for Shaolin Monk, Poison Drake - the sole reason to come here - has a vastly lower spawn rate than the Shaolin (Cave had some miscellaneous rare encounters like Mishap and Time Apprentice to keep things interesting, too). But if you've already obtained the rares at Rocky Pass but not Poison Drake, and you do want it, you'll have to spend some time here. Blood Voids most often seem to cause Oversoul fights to freeze which is basically your insult to injury.

Eastern Thicket
Access - like the Bluffs, this is another encounter table that's in a very specific location. The grid reference (Q7) and local image are listed on its Wiki page, but if you're having some trouble finding it from there - go to the North Map, keep heading east until you hit the Ice Cave, then head east again until you're standing on the pile of flat rocks. Then, just head north ever-so-slightly so you're standing next to the large Christmas/pine tree and start exploring.

Even though Oversoul's scant had updates over the past 3-4 years, the North Map is still somewhere that was relatively unexplored. There's still a little bit of debate over what can and can't be found in the Eastern Thicket, which has a slightly different encounter table to the large Snowy Forests in the western side of the North Map; as well as whether the large North Gate actually has a different encounter table to other areas or not.

The main reason for these things being undecided until recently was because the North Map is bluntly, a bit of a pain in the neck. The vast majority of the landmarks share the same generic encounter table, and all locations in the North have their brunt of encounters being Ice Nomad and Barbarian evolutions, who're notorious for firing-off Defends and Freezes, so most players hunted Frost Dragon and then got the heck out of there.

But the 2018 Christmas update gave us the dubious gift of another hunt in the North, and this one's significantly tougher than the Frost Dragon (who wasn't exactly a pushover itself) - Dean Gears.

Labyrinth Dungeon
Access - talk to Martha, the woman with a cane on the rightmost side of Solace, and accept her quest to pursue her kidnapped daughter.

The de facto place to hoover-up some decent Earth (non-Ogre) characters.

Shop Characters
Access - in various places and with varying prerequisites.

Although some characters that were valuable hunts were also buyable as listed earlier in the 'Dex, there are also some excellent characters that're exclusively buyable with earned gold (and in some cases, Soul Gems, but those won't be covered here).

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