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There is a total of 325 characters in OverSoul.

Detailed Character Totals


Abberant shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Abber Outcast shadowsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Abomination shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Abyssal Priest energysmall.png sgsmall.png
Alpha Frostzard icesmall.png
Alpha Pirate watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png Still Appears
Alpha Pirette watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png Still Appears
Alpha Void (Female) shadowsmall.png/watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png Still Appears
Alpha Void (Male) shadowsmall.png/watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png Still Appears
Ancient Shogun shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Aphrodite lightsmall.png sgsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Aqueous watersmall.png
Arcane Ranger neutralsmall.png/energysmall.png sgsmall.png
Arch Lich shadowsmall.png
Archpriest of Ver lightsmall.png
Astor icesmall.png sgsmall.png
Augustiner neutralsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Augustiner Zwei neutralsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Axe Skeleton shadowsmall.png
Axe Zard neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png B
Bandit Drakath shadowsmall.png
Barbarian icesmall.png
Barbarian (Master) icesmall.png
Barbarian (Veteran) icesmall.png
Bat shadowsmall.png
Battle Cat neutralsmall.png
Bavaria lightsmall.png/neutralsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Bavaria Zwei lightsmall.png/neutralsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Berserker neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
Beta Pirate watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png Still Appears
Beta Pirette watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png Still Appears
Beta Void (Female) shadowsmall.png/watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png Still Appears
Beta Void (Male) shadowsmall.png/watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png Still Appears
Big Ben shadowsmall.png
Bill Apprentice energysmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Bill Assassin energysmall.png sgsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Bill Hunter energysmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Black Dragon shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png specialsmall.png
Blade Skeleton shadowsmall.png
Blood Fiend shadowsmall.png
Blood Fiend (Master) shadowsmall.png
Blood Ranger shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Blood Void shadowsmall.png
Bunny Berserker lightsmall.png seasonalsmall.png raresmall.png
Bunnytheus shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png raresmall.png
Burn Mage firesmall.png C
Cave Zardman neutralsmall.png
Cellar Rat shadowsmall.png
Chaos Drakath chaossmall.png sgsmall.png
Clan Archer neutralsmall.png
Clan King neutralsmall.png
Clan Veteran neutralsmall.png
Clan Warrior neutralsmall.png
Claw Druid shadowsmall.png
Condemned shadowsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Cosoma icesmall.png
Cosoma Titan icesmall.png sgsmall.png
Crypt Knight shadowsmall.png
Crypt Rogue shadowsmall.png
Crypt Samurai shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Crypt Soldier shadowsmall.png
Cupidtheus lightsmall.png sgsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Cyber Void shadowsmall.png/energysmall.png sgsmall.png D
Dark Griffon shadowsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Dark Incarnate shadowsmall.png
Dark Lycan shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Darkon shadowsmall.png
Darkon Drago shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Dean Gears icesmall.png sgsmall.png
Degore shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Dire Maggot shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Dire Monk neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
DragonFiend Rider (Female) shadowsmall.png
DragonFiend Rider (Male) shadowsmall.png
Dragzirra firesmall.png sgsmall.png
Drakath Fiend chaossmall.png
Dread Fiend shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Dread Hound shadowsmall.png
Drow Assassin shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Dwakel energysmall.png
Dynasty Warrior watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png E
Earth Adept earthsmall.png
Earth Apprentice earthsmall.png
Earth Elemental earthsmall.png
Earth Fairy earthsmall.png
Earth Golem earthsmall.png
Earth Ram earthsmall.png
Earth Wizard earthsmall.png sgsmall.png
Engineer neutralsmall.png
Erfrierung icesmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Evil Jim firesmall.png sgsmall.png F
Father Hour lightsmall.png sgsmall.png raresmall.png
Father Minute lightsmall.png raresmall.png
Father Time lightsmall.png raresmall.png
Felinx lightsmall.png specialsmall.png
Fiend Blade firesmall.png
Fiend of Vergill shadowsmall.png
Fiend of Vergill Boss neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
Fire Bat firesmall.png
Fire Witch firesmall.png
Flame Draconian firesmall.png specialsmall.png
Flesh Void shadowsmall.png
Flying Eyeball shadowsmall.png
Founder Adept lightsmall.png sgsmall.png specialsmall.png raresmall.png
Founder Champion lightsmall.png sgsmall.png specialsmall.png raresmall.png
Founder Knight lightsmall.png sgsmall.png specialsmall.png raresmall.png
Founder Vet lightsmall.png sgsmall.png specialsmall.png raresmall.png
Frogzard neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
Frost Bat icesmall.png
Frost Dragon icesmall.png
Frost Griffon icesmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Frost Lion icesmall.png
Frost Lycan icesmall.png
Frost Queen icesmall.png sgsmall.png
Frost Void icesmall.png sgsmall.png
Frost Zard icesmall.png G
Gamma Pirate watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Genesis Warrior neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
Ghypsophila icesmall.png
Goblin neutralsmall.png
Godzirra firesmall.png sgsmall.png
Gold Lycan lightsmall.png
Gravelyn Defender (Female) shadowsmall.png
Gravelyn Defender (Male) shadowsmall.png
Greater Maggot shadowsmall.png
Great Pumpking earthsmall.png/neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Grenwog neutralsmall.png raresmall.png
Griffon firesmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Grimlord shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Grimwog shadowsmall.png raresmall.png H
Hammer Nomad earthsmall.png
HammerWarrior neutralsmall.png
Hanzo Void shadowsmall.png/neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png specialsmall.png
Hammer Zard neutralsmall.png
Headless Hollow firesmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Headless Horseman firesmall.png sgsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Hex Void energysmall.png sgsmall.png
Human Fisher watersmall.png
Hunter Berserker lightsmall.png seasonalsmall.png raresmall.png
Huntress neutralsmall.png I
Ice Apprentice icesmall.png
Ice Beetle icesmall.png
Ice Matron icesmall.png sgsmall.png
Ice Nomad icesmall.png
Infected Eye chaossmall.png
Infected Lepid chaossmall.png
Infernal Fiend firesmall.png
Infected Frogzard chaossmall.png J
Jack icesmall.png seasonalsmall.png Still Appears
Jack Frost icesmall.png sgsmall.png seasonalsmall.png Still Appears
Jack Ice icesmall.png seasonalsmall.png Still Appears K
Katana Zon watersmall.png sgsmall.png
Kid Drakath neutralsmall.png
Kruger icesmall.png L
Lance Knight neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
Leatherhead shadowsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Lei Blades energysmall.png sgsmall.png
Lei Crossbows energysmall.png sgsmall.png
Lepid earthsmall.png
Light Fairy lightsmall.png
Light Guardian lightsmall.png sgsmall.png
Lighting Wolf energysmall.png
Lighting Wolf (Master) energysmall.png
Lighting Wolf (Veteran) energysmall.png
Lizirra firesmall.png
Love Machine lightsmall.png seasonalsmall.png raresmall.png
Love Slime watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png
LoveWeaver firesmall.png sgsmall.png seasonalsmall.png raresmall.png
Lycan shadowsmall.png
Maggot shadowsmall.png
Maiden Aegea lightsmall.png/neutralsmall.png
Mana Guardian firesmall.png/energysmall.png
Max Storm energysmall.png
Merc Recruit neutralsmall.png
Merc Vet neutralsmall.png
Minotaur earthsmall.png sgsmall.png
Mishap shadowsmall.png
Monk neutralsmall.png
Muay Thai Azrael neutralsmall.png
Muay Thai Icarius neutralsmall.png N
Necrosis Dezgardo shadowsmall.png
Night Stalker shadowsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Ninja shadowsmall.png
Nomad neutralsmall.png
Nulgath icesmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Nulgath's Shadow shadowsmall.png specialsmall.png raresmall.png O
Ogre earthsmall.png
Ogre Bandit earthsmall.png
Ogre Mage firesmall.png
Ogre Maiden earthsmall.png
Ogre Shaman watersmall.png
Ogre Trapper earthsmall.png
Omni Knight lightsmall.png/energysmall.png/watersmall.png/neutralsmall.png specialsmall.png raresmall.png
Orc Axeman neutralsmall.png
Orc Chieftain neutralsmall.png
Orc Peon neutralsmall.png
Orc Pillager neutralsmall.png
Orc Raider neutralsmall.png
Orc Rogue shadowsmall.png
OrcSavage neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
Orc Warrior neutralsmall.png
Overfiend Blade firesmall.png sgsmall.png P
Pactonal Captain lightsmall.png sgsmall.png specialsmall.png
Pactonal Knight lightsmall.png
Paladin (Master) lightsmall.png
PALADIN lightsmall.png
Peasant neutralsmall.png
Pikeman Commander lightsmall.png/neutralsmall.png
Pikeman General neutralsmall.png
Pikeman neutralsmall.png
Poison Drake shadowsmall.png/neutralsmall.png
Priest of Ver lightsmall.png
Prince Drakath lightsmall.png
Princess Aegea lightsmall.png/neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
Princess Ghypsophila icesmall.png
PumpkinLord neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Pyre Witch (Master) firesmall.png
Pyre Witch firesmall.png Q
Quaztk watersmall.png sgsmall.png
Quaztk Lord watersmall.png sgsmall.png
Queen Aegea lightsmall.png/neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
Queen Ghypsophila icesmall.png sgsmall.png R
Rainbowtheus lightsmall.png raresmall.png
Recruit neutralsmall.png
Resonance energysmall.png
Rev earthsmall.png sgsmall.png raresmall.png
Revontheus (Veteran) shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png raresmall.png
Revontheus shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png raresmall.png
Revonthurkey watersmall.png/neutralsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Rex Warrior (Master) neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
Rex Grunt neutralsmall.png
Robin Rev shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Rudolphtheus icesmall.png sgsmall.png seasonalsmall.png S
Sage of Light lightsmall.png sgsmall.png raresmall.png
Sentry Lord lightsmall.png/neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
Seraphim of Ver lightsmall.png sgsmall.png
Shadow Acolyte shadowsmall.png
Shadow Apprentice shadowsmall.png
Shadow Dance shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Shadow Nomad shadowsmall.png
Shadow Pikeman (Master) shadowsmall.png
Shadow Pikeman shadowsmall.png
Shadow Priest shadowsmall.png
Shadow Recruit shadowsmall.png
Shadow Squire shadowsmall.png
Shadow Void shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Skelly Soldier shadowsmall.png
Skexis shadowsmall.png/neutralsmall.png raresmall.png
Skexis Brood shadowsmall.png/neutralsmall.png raresmall.png
Skexis Fiend shadowsmall.png/neutralsmall.png raresmall.png
Skexis Mantis earthsmall.png sgsmall.png
Slime watersmall.png
Snow Ninja icesmall.png
Sonja neutralsmall.png
Soul Wyvern watersmall.png
Spear Native neutralsmall.png
Sprout neutralsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Squire neutralsmall.png
Stone Assassin earthsmall.png
Stone Knight earthsmall.png
Storm Knight energysmall.png sgsmall.png
Storm Squire energysmall.png
Storm Trainee energysmall.png
Sword Apprentice neutralsmall.png
Sword Maiden neutralsmall.png
Sword Matron neutralsmall.png
Sword Nomad earthsmall.png
Sword Skeleton shadowsmall.png
Sword Warrior neutralsmall.png
Sword Zard neutralsmall.png T
Tainted Eye chaossmall.png sgsmall.png
Taro neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
Taurus (Bought) earthsmall.png sgsmall.png / Taurus (Trained) earthsmall.png sgsmall.png
Templar lightsmall.png sgsmall.png
Tharr neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
Thok neutralsmall.png raresmall.png
Thrak neutralsmall.png
Time Apprentice energysmall.png
Time Gentleman energysmall.png raresmall.png
Trainee neutralsmall.png
Treasure Chest Trap earthsmall.png
Turkonian watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Turkonian Soldier watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Turkonian Trooper watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Tyrant Moose earthsmall.png U
Undead Knight shadowsmall.png
Undead Squire shadowsmall.png
Undead Warrior shadowsmall.png V
Vampire Beast shadowsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Vampire Knight shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Vampire Lord shadowsmall.png
Varett earthsmall.png sgsmall.png
Void Archmage shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png
Void Awakening firesmall.png/neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png specialsmall.png raresmall.png
Void Champion shadowsmall.png raresmall.png
Void Cowboy shadowsmall.png
Void Cowgirl shadowsmall.png
Void Incarnate (Female) shadowsmall.png
Void Incarnate (Male) shadowsmall.png
Void Knight shadowsmall.png raresmall.png
Void Mage shadowsmall.png
Void Reaper shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png specialsmall.png
Void Rebirth firesmall.png/neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png specialsmall.png raresmall.png
Volt Engineer energysmall.png W
Water Apprentice watersmall.png
Water Elemental watersmall.png
Water Fairy watersmall.png
Water Peasant watersmall.png
Water Ram watersmall.png
Water Tick watersmall.png sgsmall.png
Water Wing watersmall.png
WetEye watersmall.png
WitchBlade Boss neutralsmall.png sgsmall.png
WitchBlade shadowsmall.png X
Xmas Dark Elf icesmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Xmas Elf icesmall.png/watersmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Xmas Fiend icesmall.png seasonalsmall.png Y
Year of the Horse watersmall.png sgsmall.png
Young Griffon firesmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Young Paladin lightsmall.png
Young Revontheus shadowsmall.png sgsmall.png Z
Zardzirra firesmall.png
Zombie shadowsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Zombie Mutant shadowsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
Zombie Terror shadowsmall.png seasonalsmall.png
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