Elements Guide

Oversoul Elements Guide!

Welcome to the Oversoul elements guide! In this guide, we will discuss how the elements work and how you can use them for yourself in battle! For more information on how to get started, please look at the Oversoul Beginner Guide!


Neutral characters are very strong, but costly. When using a neutral character you will have access to both great offense and defense with cards like Counter Attack and Power Strike but it does cost a lot to keep these cards up in a battle. Examples of neutral characters are Sword Matron and Sword Warrior.


Fire characters are the glass cannons of Oversoul. They're very strong when it comes to offensive attacks. In their decks, most fire characters have Fire Ball which can directly do 1,000 damage to an enemy and Incinerate which can add 600 Damage to a card at the cost of 2 Energy. But with that great offense, what a lot of fire characters lack is defense. They usually only have one shield card and they have no special cards that provide defense. Examples of fire type characters are Fire Witch and Headless Hollow.


Ice characters are the tank characters. They have a great defense system, but lack a really good offense plan. They can easily stack up to max defense (2,000 Defense) and even use it as a large attack in the form of Ice Orb! Though it takes ice characters a very long time to do attacks. (One of their cards, Shatter, takes 4 turns to do 1,000 Damage). Also, Ice characters are able to cause you to lose your turns. (They can use their card Freeze to freeze/stun you for 2 turns!) Examples of ice characters are Barbarian and Frost Void.


Energy characters are the really strong type characters. With an energy character you have access to cards such as Surge (which adds 300 damage to an attack card for no cost) and Storm which can help you a lot, but to keep Storm up, you need a very high amount of energy (Each Storm card takes 7 Energy!). You are also able to boost your attack cards with specials like Charged (which adds 200 damage to every attack) and Supercharged (which adds 500 damage to every attack). Even with a decent defense and a great offense you will sometimes have to sacrifice an attack card for more energy by using Energize. Examples of energy characters are Lighting Wolf and Storm Knight.


Earth characters are the very tough characters of Oversoul. While they can have weaker normal attacks, their special cards can pack quite a punch. Earth characters are also able to stun you, but not as long as Ice characters can. (Petrify can only cause you to lose one turn) Some earth characters have access to a special card called Mountain Strike which can do 1,000 damage in only 2 turns! Earth characters are also able to use their defense as an attack free of charge unlike Ice characters but they're limited to 800 defense as an attack while Ice characters can turn 2,000 Defense into an attack at the cost of 10 Ice Energy. Examples of earth characters are Minotaur and Ogre.


Water is the element of the patient. Water characters can heal and provide a decent amount of defense while having some constant attack cards that can hit. A few water characters have access to a card called Power Flow that can attack directly for 1,500 damage. A few examples of water characters are Katana Zon, Alpha Pirate, and Water Elemental.


Light characters are the really well-rounded, prepared characters. They can have great offense as well as decent healing and shielding. Some light characters are able to reach legendary rank and get really good cards such as Greater Heal and Retribution; Greater Heal heals your character for 1,000 HP and Retribution can hit for +1,500 damage. Light characters can also access a card called Blessed Strike which can make any of their attack cards unblockable and add 300 damage to them, as well as Might which adds 300 damage to an attack card. Examples of light characters are Young Paladin and Father Time.

Shadow characters are the sneaky characters of Oversoul. Shadow characters are able to use cards such as Poison and Mark of Death to cause damage over time. They can have a decent defense and offense while causing their damage over time. Shadow Characters are a force to be reckoned with most of the time. Examples of shadow characters are Vampire Lord, Ninja, and Darkon.

Chaos characters are not in game yet.

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