Fire Witch


Blare - "You dare challenge me? I'll char you to the bone you pathetic fool!"


Element: Fire
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Apprentice
Bio: Blare is a mysterious young witch who's origins are from the Dark Forest. She is skilled with spells… fire being her most potent of spells.
Note: Also see Ogre Mage


Picture Name Type Cost Effect Quantity
fire100.png 100 Attack attack.png 1 Fire Attack for 100 Damage 3
fire200.png 200 Attack attack.png 2 Fire Attack for 200 Damage 3
fire500.png 500 Attack attack.png 4 Fire Attack for 500 Damage 2 3
firedefend.png 500 Defend defend.png 3 Fire Gain 500 Defense 3
firepierce.png 100 Pierce unblock.png 2 Fire Attack for 100 Unblockable Damage 3
inferno.png Inferno special.png 4 Fire Inflict 300 unblockable damage 3
fireball.png Fireball special.png 8 Fire Hit for 1000 damage 2

Evolution Tree

Apprentice: Fire Witch
Veteran: Pyre Witch
Master: Pyre Witch (Master)

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