Founder Vet


Founder Vet - "For honor I protect the kingdom from darkness!"

Source: Evolve Founder Adept at Level 4
Element: Light
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Veteran
Note: Must have purchased any Soul Gems package on or before January 13th, 2013 in order to earn Founder Status and Founder Characters.


Picture Name Type Cost Effect Quantity
light100.png 100 Attack attack.png 1 Light Attack for 100 Damage 2
light200.png 200 Attack attack.png 2 Light Attack for 200 Damage 3
light500.png 500 Attack attack.png 4 Light Attack for 500 Damage 1
lightpierce.png 100 Pierce unblock.png 2 Light Attack for 100 Unblockable Damage 1
lightdefend.png 500 Defend defend.png 3 Light Gain 500 Defense 2
heal.png Heal special.png 3 Light Heal for 400 2
might.png Might special.png 2 Light Add 300 damage to any Attack Card 2
holystrike.png Holy Strike special.png 5 Light Hit for 700 damage 1

Evolution Tree

Apprentice: Founder Adept
Veteran: Founder Vet
Master: Founder Knight
Legendary: Founder Champion

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