Omni Knight


Omni Knight - "I hope you trained for this fight. I'm not gonna go easy on you."

Source: Completing the Curse of The Phantom Pixel Event in all games listed
Element: Light
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Legendary


Picture Name Type Cost Effect Quantity
light200.png 200 Attack attack.png 2 Light 200 Attack 2
light500.png 500 Attack attack.png 4 Light 500 Attack 3
lightdefend.png 500 Defend defend.png 3 Light 500 Defend 2
greaterheal.png Greater Heal special.png 5 Light After 1 Turn Heal for 1000 2
retribution.png Retribution special.png 12 Light After 1 turn Combo Strike for +1500 damage 1
sacrifice.png Sacrifice special.png 0 Shadow Attack for 500 at the Cost of 400 Health 2
energize.png Energize special.png 0 Energy Turn any Attack Card into 10 Lightning Energy 1
freshstart.png Fresh Start special.png 0 Water Discard 2 Cards for 10 Water Energy 1
neutralize.png Neutralize special.png 0 Neutral Discard 1 Card in Exchange for 10 Neutral Energy 1

Evolution Tree

Legendary: Omni Knight

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