Orc Chieftain (NPC)


Orc Chieftain

Ogre Revolt

Those lousy oafs! The ogres decided they not to serve
us after Klunk freed himself. The are claiming him as
their new King and Ruler!

Orcs are their Ruler not Klunk! They may be big but
they are dumber than rocks. The orcs will have them
as our loyal servants again soon enough.

Taro will not support our efforts against the ogres. If
you ask me, he's become too soft with all his talks of
peace and balance! Give me a War any day!

If you want the trust of the Orcs, you'll have to prove
yourself. Bring me some Ogres!

I want an Ogre, Ogre Maiden, Ogre Shaman, and an
Ogre Trapper!

Do this and you will earn my trust.

- Orc Chieftain's Quest
- Orc Quest Shop

Location: Orc Fort


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