Soul Gems


What are Soul Gems?
Soul Gems (also referred to as SGs) are a form of secondary currency that you can use to buy/evolve certain monsters/items in Oversoul, or to guarantee a possession of the lowest rank of the character tree of any monster after defeating it in a battle.

Obtaining Soul Gems:
You can purchase Soul Gems here for the following prices:

  • $5.00 (or) 1000 Artix Points = 20 Soul Gems
  • $9.95 (or) 2000 Artix Points = 40 Soul Gems
  • $19.95 (or) 4000 Artix Points = 80 Soul Gems
  • $34.95 (or) 7000 Artix Points = 160 Soul Gems
  • $49.95 (or) 10000 Artix Points = 250 Soul Gems

Soul Gem "Bonus" Rewards:

  • Void Reaper - Buy a Lifetime total of 160 Soul Gems
  • Black Dragon - Buy a Lifetime total of 250 Soul Gems
  • "Founder" title and Founder Adept - Awarded to players who bought Soul Gems before January 1st, 2013.
  • Pactonal Captain Shop Unlocked - Shop becomes accessible to players who bought a Lifetime total of 300 Soul Gems.

Guaranteed Possession:
If you fail to possess an enemy you can possess, you will be offered a second chance - an option to spend 1 Soul Gem to guarantee possession. If you choose to do this the resulted possession will be no different than if you had succeeded by chance, you just won't have to hunt down that particular enemy again. Choose wisely.


  • 6 Soul Gems were given to each player at the end of Alpha Testing
  • 6 Soul Gems are given to every player with a confirmed e-mail.

Thanks to Sasuke_kool1 and Sunami King.

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