Time Apprentice


Time Apprentice - "I live in the present due to the constraints of the Space Time Continuum"


Element: Energy
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Apprentice

  • This character is a parody of Doctor Who.
  • Appears anywhere on the East, North, South, West, and World Maps.


Picture Name Type Cost Effect Quantity
energy100.png 100 Attack attack.png 1 Energy 100 Attack 3
energy200.png 200 Attack attack.png 2 Energy 200 Attack 3 4
energypierce.png 100 Pierce unblock.png 2 Energy 100 Pierce 3
energydefend.png 500 Defend defend.png 3 Energy 500 Defend 2
ES01-electricarc.png Electric Arc special.png 4 Energy Deals 200 damage per turn for 6 turns 2
surge.png Surge special.png 0 Increase an Attack Card by +300 2

Evolution Tree

Apprentice: Time Apprentice

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