Water Elemental


Water Elemental - "Water is life but water can also be death!"


Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master
Note: Needed to complete the 'Way of the Water' quest.


Pictures Name Type Cost Effect Quantity
water200.png 200 Attack attack.png 2 Water Attack for 200 Damage 3
water500.png 500 Attack attack.png 4 Water Attack for 500 Damage 5
waterdefend.png 500 Defend defend.png 3 Water Gain 500 Defense 2
freshstart.png Fresh Start special.png 0 Water Discard 2 cards for 10 Energy 1
refresh.png Refresh special.png 5 2 Water Add +300 heal to a defense card 1
renew.png Renew special.png 4 Water Heal +300 hitpoints for 2 turns 2
waterrapid.png Water Rapid special.png 3 Water Attack for +400 damage 2

Evolution Tree

Master: Water Elemental

Thanks to Aureola, Gate Keeper Sin and Vertigo Beast.

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